Who We Are

BOLD Robotic Solutions is an energetic team of experienced professionals dedicated to developing solutions for automating your most complex processes.

Based in Southern Ontario, we use the most user-friendly, maintenance-friendly and reliable method possible with the most up-to-date technologies available from local distributors.

The BOLD team is a multi-disciplinary group, which includes the following capabilities:​

  • mechanical design,

  • electrical design,

  • software development, 

  • manufacturing, 

  • assembly,

  • testing,

  • commissioning, 

  • training, 

  • after market support & spare parts​

​​In short: We can handle anything from a basic controls upgrade or retrofit on an existing process to a complete turn-key solution.

Our expertise lies in taking existing manual processes and revolutionizing them using a variety of electro-mechanical systems.


Bold Robotic Solutions: Increasing Productivity; Improving Safety; Decreasing Cost.

What We Do


BOLD Robotic Solutions Inc. is able to provide you with a range of solutions and services:

Machine Design/Build

Custom Robotics



Retrofits of Existing Equipment

Hardware / Software

PLC Upgrades

Mechanical Design


3D Modeling

Manufacturing Drawings


Electrical Design

Eplan / AutoCAD



Project Management

PM services for machine installation or refurbishments

Robot Programming

ABB Robots

UR Robots


PLC Programming




Others available upon Request

HMI Programming




Others available upon Request


Meet Our Team

BOLD Robotic Solutions Inc. was founded in November 2017 by two long-time colleagues:

Bill VandenOever and Willem Bijlsma

Bill and Willem were instrumental in the start-up of a world-class robotics company in the Hamilton area.

This company's main focus is on the primary metal manufacturing and forestry products industries.

Bill and Willem wore many hats during the initial phases of the company. They acted as designers, programmers, commissioning engineers, purchasers, assemblers, etc. Eventually their position evolved into co-engineering managers. During this time they gained invaluable experience in a wide range of complex robotic applications in some of the toughest, harshest and dirtiest environments imaginable.

Bringing a combined 20 years of hands-on design and programming experience, Bill and Willem have the proven expertise and professional skills required to make any automation project a success.

Bill VandenOever

Bill is our in-house Mechanical Designer.

Bill brings a wealth of experience in 3D Design and manufacturability. He has a natural knack for determining the most maintenance-friendly, cost-effective and reliable design solutions for any application. Bill has many years of hands-on design experience in Solidworks and Inventor, as well as a long track-record of effective project management experience spread over hundreds of automated and/or robotic work cells.

Willem Bijlsma

Willem is responsible for Electrical Design and Automation.

Willem spent many years providing electrical design in Eplan Electric P8 and has proven programming experience in a wide range of PLC, HMI and robot platforms. Willem has provided complete controls solutions for over 100 automated and/or robotic work cells in a range of industries.

His specialty is detailed robot simulation, user-friendly HMI design and robust PLC code.


How We Work

BOLD Robotic Solutions follows a proven process in order to guarantee the success of every project.

There are four distinct phases:

1. Information Gathering

2. Scope Definition

3. Project Kick-Off

4. Function Design

5. Function Design Review

6. Detailed Design

7. Mechanical Manufacturing

8. Procurement of Commercials

9. Software Development

10. Assembly and QC

11. Testing

12. Packaging and Shipment

Concept Development

13. Onsite Installation

14. Start up and Integration

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